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7 Questions to Ask at Conferences

Make the Most Out of Conferences

During distance and hybrid learning, you likely had a front-row seat to your child’s learning. We want to continue to work as partners in learning, even when most of our students are back to learning in person, full time. 

Conferences are one opportunity to connect with your child’s school and teacher(s). We want you to get the most out of conferences. To help, here are seven questions to ask during your conference. Use these questions to build a stronger partnership with your student’s teacher and school. 

1. Let me tell you about my child.

You know your child best. Share information with your child’s teachers to help them better support your child at school. This may include their likes and dislikes, strengths and needs and information about home life.

2. When is my child happiest during the day?

It’s important to ask questions about a child’s emotional and social well-being while at school. How a student interacts with peers can have an impact on academic success. Conferences are a great place to have this conversation.

3. Can you tell me about the kinds of work my child does during the school day?

You can expect to see examples of your child’s work, such as writing. Ask how the teacher is assessing the work and ways your child can improve. 

4. Where have you seen my child grow this fall?

Focus on your student’s achievements. It’s important not to get hung up on comparing your child to others in the classroom. Personal growth of your child should be the focus.

5. When does my child show the most focus? When is it hard for my child to focus?

Ask when your child is showing their best effort. Partner with the teacher and create a plan to support your child in doing their best to achieve academic goals. 

6. What can I do at home to support my student’s learning?

You are your student’s first educator. Find out if your student’s teacher recommends any books you can read with your student at home. Ask if there are other ways you can support your student’s learning goals. 

7. How can we continue to partner this school year? 

Don't let student conferences be the only time you communicate with your child's teacher. Ask your child's teacher the best way to reach them and let them know how you prefer to communicate. Use student conferences as a foundation to build trust and partnership between home and school.

Concerned About Your Student?

After 18 months of distance and hybrid instruction, you may be concerned about whether your student is ready for this year’s grade level. Highline teachers are committed to a strategy called grade-appropriate learning, which prioritizes content for the current grade level and reviews skills from previous grades only when students need them to learn current grade-level work. Teachers give grade-level assignments and help students relearn the skills that they need to be successful at this year’s grade level, rather than reteaching everything from last year.

Learn more and watch a video about grade-appropriate learning