Student Handbook

Culture of Learning

Welcome Letter from Principal Tipton

Whether you are a new freshmen to RAHS or if this is your senior year, our entire school community is excited to have you here, taking advantage of a top-quality, unparalleled high school education.

Our school mission at Raisbeck Aviation is to prepare all students for college, career and citizenship through a personalized, rigorous and relevant learning experience that is facilitated in the context of aviation and aerospace.

What that means for you, is that you can expect a highly talented and committed staff that will facilitate your learning to ensure you gain all requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in higher education and beyond.

You will learn in a vibrant, collaborative student community with peers who share your same passion for aviation and aerospace. You will have the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals and take advantage of a variety of internships, led by some of the top professionals in their field.

As a student in one of the top high schools in the state of Washington, you are a part of a high-performing institution with high-expectations for academic excellence. Our teachers will challenge you to think critically, apply knowledge in real-world settings, and take advantage of the many clubs and Sports of the Mind opportunities that we offer.

Students at RAHS have been awarded numerous accolades for their work in Science Olympiad, Robotics, Speech and Debate, and other state and national learning pursuits. As an outcome of the dedication, hard work and challenging curriculum, students at RAHS were awarded more than $3 Million in college scholarships at the end of last year.

The RAHS Student Handbook that follows is intended to assist you in your understanding of expectations for professional behavior in school and in working with our numerous business partners, as well as guide you in expectations for working with staff and your fellow students at school. Please read through this handbook and be aware of, and responsible for, these expectations. The Handbook will be reviewed with you during our weekly advisory time.

Getting in Touch with Staff and Teachers

Students at Raisbeck Aviation High School work hard to be strong thinkers and proficient doers. Your teachers and other staff members are here to help.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns, you are encouraged to ask for help. Teachers are typically available half an hour before and after school.

You may also reach staff by email or phone.

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Minimum Graduation Requirements

Class of 2019 and 2020 students are required to earn 23 credits to earn a diploma. With the new state requirements, students in the Class of 2021 and beyond are required to earn 24 credits (See chart below). Successfully completing these requirements will open doors to your choice of post-secondary options.

Note: Seniors are expected to have a minimum of five classes.

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Assessment and Grading


Your mastery of skills, grasp of concepts, and ability to apply new learning in each course and projects will be assessed in a variety of ways, from traditional tests to performance tasks and complex projects. The quality of your work and thinking will be judged against performance criteria defined in rubrics and scoring guides that are available to you at the time the task is assigned. You will sometimes have the opportunity to receive feedback on your work from community and industry subject-matter experts. You will also have opportunities to assess your own and others’ work against established performance criteria.


Your grade in each course will be determined by your performance on daily work, assignments, and assessments. Each teacher will make his/her policy clear. Students may earn an A, B, C, D or F grades in courses at Raisbeck Aviation High School. There are no + or – values added to grades.


The advisory program at RAHS is an opportunity for students to build community and to explicitly investigate college and career options. Students earn one-half credit per year for participation in advisory and completion of required Student Led Conferences.

During the Student Led Conference, you will outline your academic goals, explain your new learning, and support the explanations with evidence chosen from your work. You will present this information to one or more significant adults—a parent, guardian, or mentor. The advisor will oversee the conferences and, schedule permitting, may join in. You will also review your transcript and progress toward meeting all graduation requirements.

Advisory is scheduled for every Wednesday and Thursday allowing time for you to investigate colleges and careers, complete grade-level advisory outcomes, or have a one-to-one conference with your advisor.

Students who are actively earning PE credits through an A.L.E. (Alternative Learning Experience) will conference with their advisor each Wednesday to meet the minimum contact time requirement.

The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight is a key educational partner with Raisbeck Aviation High School. Each student at RAHS is provided with a free individual membership to the Museum for the 2018-2019 school year. Your membership allows you to visit the Museum outside of school hours/days at no extra cost. Your RAHS Student ID card will grant your admission to the Museum.

The Museum is an extension of Raisbeck Aviation High School, and as such, you are expected to maintain the highest level of conduct when you are there. The Museum staff takes a great deal of pride in operating a state-of-the-art facility that is recognized for excellence in education worldwide. We are fortunate to be their partners and guests. We are also confident that you will model professionalism in every way every time you visit the Museum and adhere to the Museum’s rules while visiting. Do not bring food or drink into the galleries.

When walking to the Museum or returning from the Museum, students and staff must use the sky bridge or designated crosswalk to cross East Marginal Way.

In the event of an emergency at the Museum, e.g., fire, earthquake, lockdown, RAHS students and staff will adhere to the docent’s instructions for exiting the Museum and proceeding to the Museum’s designated collection area.

See Appendix G for The Museum of Flight Visitor Guidelines.

Participating in Athletics and Earning PE Credits

Raisbeck Aviation High School does not offer Physical Education (PE) classes or athletics teams although we do have an after-school Ultimate Frisbee team, led by parent and volunteer staff. You earn PE credit for legitimate athletic participation and/or an individual fitness program that is preferably monitored by a coach, trainer, or certified instructor. For example, you might participate in a club or intramural sport such as gymnastics, basketball, and soccer, or develop your own structured fitness program such as walking, hiking, bicycling, running, weight-lifting, etc.

All students must earn 1.5 credits in Physical Education and 0.5 credits in Health to meet WA high school graduation requirements. Health is offered as a semester class here at RAHS, or can be obtained through an accredited online program. Information for the fee-based Health class is found here. You can earn the required 0.5 health credit through this course. The course fee is approximately $150.00.

If you elect the online option, you are required to notify Ms. Carper via email. Students must schedule their final online Health exam at least three weeks in advance with Ms. Carper.

Physical Education credits are earned outside the school day and its preferred to completed by the by the end of your junior year at RAHS. Doing so will free up your 12 th grade year for college-level coursework, internships, and your senior project.

Student progress toward meeting PE requirements will be monitored for completion by the designated staff member: Mr. Savishinsky. When your contract and reflection have been submitted and approved, your credits will be recorded on your transcript. Students who submit their completed contracts after May 1st, will not see the credit posted on their second semester transcript. To avoid a delay in reporting, turn in the contract prior to May 1st . The transcript will display PE credits as a non-graded class. Meeting the required timeline as outlined above increases your assurance of graduating from Raisbeck Aviation High School on time and eligibility for college admission and scholarships.

There are two routes to choose from to document your PE credit, The Contract or the Alternative Learning Experience, ALE.

The Contract

1. Complete section 1 to get Pre-Approval. This includes typed responses to four questions and required signatures. The identification of a non-parent coach, instructor, guide or support person who will meet with student throughout the accrual of hours for the activity.

2. Maintain an activity log with dates, activity, and number of hours for each session. The log should be compiled on an Excel spreadsheet and include an adult support person signature. The hours should total 75 for 0.5 credit or 150 for 1.0 credit. A total of 225 hours are required by the end of the junior year.

3. After earning the required hours for your contract, complete Section 2, and obtain the required signatures. Lastly, compose a minimum one-page reflection on your physical activity (typed and double-spaced). In detail describe your learning stretch, improvement in fitness level, and lessons gleaned from your adult support person. The reflection must address one of the WA state Fitness Standards (the link to WA Fitness Standards website is included in the contract).

4. Keep a copy of the completed contract, signed confirmed hours and reflection for your files. Turn in your original contract to your advisor.

Alternative Learning Experience

Students who are enrolled in five classes and participate in a WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) sanctioned sport earn one half of a PE credit for their satisfactory participation. If a student is enrolled in six classes and engaged in a WIAA sanctioned sport, they will use the PE Contract described above to earn the credit.

To earn PE credit through the ALE process, students must pick up an ALE packet in the office and obtain the necessary signatures on the first page. Following the signature completion, they will take the packet to their RAHS advisor. As the sport season is underway, athletes must check in with their advisor on a weekly basis while school is in session. During the weekly check-in, the student athlete will inform the advisor if they are actively participating in the sport and then notify the advisor when the season has ended. Once the season has ended, credit will be awarded on the students’ transcript in the subsequent semester.

Following the sports season, student athletes may not remain unsupervised on the RAHS campus during 6th period. Students are expected to make transportation arrangements and leave campus at the end of 5th period following their sports season.

Fine Art Credit

Raisbeck Aviation High School offers multiple routes to obtain a fine arts credit. In RAHS courses, students earn the requirement in one-half credit increments. The courses that provide the half credit include one semester Aviation Theater, Yearbook (Publishing 2), and one semester of Engineering Design (CAD). Students also have the option to complete an art credit via an alternative learning experience.

Last Day to Drop a Class Without Impacting Transcript

On or before the tenth school day from the start of a class, (semester or year-long), students must arrange to drop a class in order to avoid seeing it reported on their transcript. Dropping a class after the tenth day will show on the transcript as a W, Withdrawal, or an F based on the teacher’s recommendation.

Technology Use Contracts/ AUP

The teaching staff and administration will oversee the use of all electronic equipment on the RAHS campus and in the classrooms, including the appropriate use of photocopiers, videotapes/cameras, computer hardware and associated software, use of the Internet, etc.

Students must read and agree to an electronic consent form to use the Highline School District network and technology. The first time students log in to the system, they are prompted to read and agree to the condition of the acceptable use policy. Violation(s) of the technology consent form may result in removal, suspension and/or expulsion from school. Violators will be charged a per-hour fee for the expense of removal of any inappropriate material, with a one-hour ($35.00) minimum.

RAHS provides a technology-rich learning environment. To maintain this environment, students pay a $80.00 technology fee. If paying this fee is a hardship to your family, please talk with our counselor or an administrator.

Technology is central to the delivery of education, and Highline Public Schools expects all students to use technology resources and tools as an essential part of their learning. It is the policy of the school district to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible use of technology by staff and students.

Acceptable Use Policy- AUP

The AUP will now be delivered electronically to all users. Users will be prompted to accept the AUP after opening a browser. The user’s experience will be the following:

Digital AUP User’s Experience

1st time

  • Student/Staff logs in. Starts web session. Gets AUP.
  • Accepts - Passes user to destination if they are allowed.
  • Close browser - Still have network access but no Internet access until AUP is accepted.

Subsequent times (same computer)

If AUP was accepted user can get to allowed internet sites without prompting. Up to 90 days (or if AUP policy changes) without changes.

Subsequent times (different computer)

  • 1st time at machine- use the first time instructions above.
  • The user will be prompted for the AUP.
  • Accepts - Passes user to destination if they are allowed.
  • Close browser - Still have network access but no internet access until AUP is accepted.

If a student has no internet access for some reason, they will still receive the AUP when going to allowed test sites (MAPs, HSP, etc).

Personal Laptop/Tablet

Users will be asked to sign the AUP every time they connect to the network and get a new IP address. Non-district devices may get a new IP address every day; thus causing the end user to accept the AUP each day.

Policies governing the use of technology will now be delivered electronically to all staff and students. Staff and students will be prompted during the login process to accept and agree to abide by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and Board Policy 2022. When updates to the procedures related to Policy 2022 are revised, users will automatically be prompted to accept the updated procedures.

Parents do have the option to opt-out or decline access to all technology resources by completing the Electronic Resources Use Permission Form 2022F. 2022P and 2022F are located at in the School Board Policies or Technology Department sections.

Swap Room

The Swap Room, or IT office, supports the exchange of a non-working student laptop with a loaner laptop. If a student is not be able to resolve their computer problem within five minutes of class time, or they arrive to school with an inoperable computer, a SWAP Request Ticket must be completed before turning the computer over to the IT office. Students may exchange an inoperable computer before and after school, passing periods, or during lunch. The SWAP Request Tickets are available in each classroom and the IT office. Once a laptop is repaired, the student is notified by email to return the loaner to IT office in exchange for their repaired laptop.

Copy/Print Stations

To print documents, students send the file from their RAHS laptop or network computer to any one of the four print stations located on the second and third floors. Students are assigned print codes and pin numbers in order to activate the machine’s print or copy functions. When a student sends a document to a designated printer, the machine holds the document in a print queue until the student manually enters the pin into the machine’s key pad. For copying documents, students may select any print station on the second or third floor and directly enter their pin into the key pad to make a copy.

Each student account is monitored for usage that is based upon a click charge and paper cost basis.

RAHS students begin with a $20 credit applied to their account paid through the technology fee. The student incurs the cost of each click charge— $.00949 for black and white copies and $.049 for color documents, and the paper cost, $.01 per sheet.

For example, a $10 credit allows a student to print or copy 75 color documents and 285 black and white copies. Many combinations of black and white and color printing are possible with the $10 credit.

Once a student’s balance falls below $.02, their print/copy account is disabled. Payment of additional $10 fee reactivates a student’s account. There are no refunds for unused balances.

Excess use—more than one $10 charge, automatically disables the student’s print/copy account for the remainder of the school year.

Prudent use of the print/copy station machines is expected. In the event of a broken or jammed machine, students should notify a staff member immediately

Care of School Property

Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies, equipment and furniture supplied by the school. Students who lose, damage, or disfigure property or equipment will be required to either pay for the damages done or replace the item(s). Students misusing or abusing school property will be subject to disciplinary action.


Campus Security and Safety

Your safety is one of our most important priorities. In order to maintain your safety and the safety of your peers, we require your cooperation and assistance.

When you arrive on campus, remain on campus throughout the entire school day until you access transportation home (except as stated below for 11th and 12th graders). This is for your safety and to ensure that you have every opportunity for learning. 10

Only juniors and seniors may, with a signed parental permission form, leave campus during lunchtime to go home or to one of the nearby restaurants. A permission form is available in the main office.

If a student establishes a pattern of being tardy from lunch, his/her off-campus, the privilege of leaving campus may be suspended or revoked.

During the school day or at school events, you may be asked to show proof of being an RAHS student.

Always stay to the right while ascending or descending stairs. During emergency evacuations, use both sides of the stairwell to exit the building.

The elevators cannot be used during emergency drills and evacuations. Under normal conditions, the main elevator is designated for wheelchair bound students or for students who cannot—because of injury, use the stairs.

We encourage you to immediately alert a school staff member if you observe suspicious activity on our campus. Please do not attempt to resolve a situation that could be potentially dangerous. Instead, report it to an RAHS staff person—preferably, the principal or her designee.

Phones in Areas of Refuge-the phones are dedicated to an emergency line. Do not use the phones unless instructed to do so or an unplanned emergency condition arises.

Emergency Procedures

It is imperative that you know and follow emergency procedures, e.g., fire evacuation, lockdown, earthquake, etc. There may also be adverse weather or other unknown situations that could require emergency protocols.

Your instructors will review these procedures with you and drills will be conducted throughout the school year, as required by local school district policy and state law. We require students’ participation and cooperation in all drills and emergency procedures.


  1. Immediately upon being alerted to evacuate, prepare to exit as directed by a teacher or other RAHS staff member along designated routes. The room will be secure in your absence; leave your belongings behind.
  2. Evacuate in an orderly and quiet fashion along designated route.
  3. The last person to leave the room shall turn off the lights and secure the door.
  4. Provide for the special evacuation needs of the disabled.
  5. At the assembly area, a. Line up in a single file line at the designated spot so that you and other students may be accounted for i. If the order to evacuate occurs during lunch or a passing period, report to the teacher of the previous class period. ii. If the order to evacuate occurs before school, report to first period. b. Secure medical treatment for any injured. c. Assist as needed
  6. Stay together and keep calm.
  7. If not fulfilling some assignment, remain in the assembly area.
  8. When signaled to re-enter the school building, do so calmly and quickly.


  1. Activate fire alarm.
  2. Follow evacuation procedures.
  3. If safe, use fire extinguisher.
  4. Notify an RAHS staff member of location of fire as soon as possible.
  5. Reassemble at predetermined area.
  6. Await further instruction from RAHS staff


  1. Upon signal, move to nearest secure location and ensure that the door is closed and locked.
  2. Crouch behind or beneath furniture as far from doors and windows as is practical.
  3. Remain silent and in place until the “All Clear” signal is given.


  1. At the point of recognition of an earthquake, all persons should drop, cover and hold. In a gymnasium or cafeteria, quickly move to a safer area if possible. If outdoors, move to a safe area as far as possible from buildings, poles, wires, or other objects that may fall. In an interior hallway, move to the inside wall.
  2. Move away from anything that may break or fall.
  3. Get under a table or desk or in a doorway.
  4. Crouch on floor facing away from breakables with knees up to head. Cover head with arms. Hold onto table/chair, etc.
  5. Remain in the crouched position, alert to moving with cover.
  6. Remain in place until the "All Clear" signal is given.
  7. Remain alert for aftershocks that may again create the need to "take cover.

Telephones, Cellphones, and Other Electronic Devices

Telephones are in the school for business purposes and emergencies only. Please ask for the permission of an instructor, administrator, or office support person to use a school phone. Cell phones and other electronic devices must not interrupt the learning process; use them only with express permission of your instructor. Cell phones may be used before school, during passing periods, during lunch, after school, or with permission of your instructor. Cell phones, hot spots, and other digital devices may not be used during bathroom breaks.

1st offense-item is confiscated by staff member

  • Pick up device at the end of the day
  • Compose note of apology—added to student’s file

2nd offense-item is confiscated by staff member

  • Parent is contacted and must pick up the device

3rd offense-item is confiscated by staff member

  • Parent is contacted to pick up device
  • In-school suspension

Students must secure permission of an instructor prior to capturing video/photo images of school activities, any school-related event, or other RAHS students.

Privacy laws governing the rights of some students prohibit the distribution or uploading of unapproved videos to third-party sites, i.e. YouTube. Students who do not comply with policy will have their electronic devices confiscated. Repeated violations are subject to progressive discipline.

Loss of Personal Property

We strongly recommend that you leave valuable personal items at home. The school is not responsible for searching for lost or stolen items or replacing them. If you choose to bring such an item to school, do so at your own risk. You are responsible for it; leave valuable equipment and devices at home or be very confident of your ability to keep them safe and secure!


Prospective RAHS students should visit RAHS during Information Nights. All school visitors (including unaccompanied parents) must wear a visitor’s badge issued by office staff.

If you see visitors on campus who are not wearing badges, please direct them to the main office. Guests of students are not permitted on campus during lunch or after school without prior administrative approval.

School Culture


The mission of Raisbeck Aviation High School is to prepare you for college, career, and citizenship. We are committed to this mission for EACH student. Accomplishing such high goals means that you must show up—every day! You will be on a very fast-paced mission during your high school career to meet or exceed our school goals and your own personal/professional goals. We will do our part to ensure your success, but it is your responsibility to take charge of your own learning. Your peers will be counting on you to participate in projects and collaborative team assignments; you will be missed when you don’t show up. As a performance-based school, you must be present to achieve at peak level. Attendance will impact the grade you earn in each of your classes at RAHS.

Your Committment to RAHS and Ours to You

When you accepted our invitation to be part of the RAHS learning community, you committed to attending RAHS for your entire high school career. We expect you to honor the four-year commitment that you and your parents have made; likewise, we will fully honor our commitment to prepare you for college, career, and citizenship.

Occasionally, during a student’s tenure at RAHS, h/she may question the decision and commitment to be part of our learning community. If/when that occurs; we ask that concerns be brought to the immediate attention of teachers, the counselor, and administration. Early intervention is the key to helping students adjust and fully enjoy their experience at RAHS. We expect to work with students and families when challenges arise—not after the fact when there may be thoughts of transferring schools. Every student at RAHS worked hard to get into Raisbeck Aviation High School. “Getting out” should not be a quick decision for students or for us. Should a student elect to attend running start, they will be asked to transfer to their home school.

You will recall from your interview and Information Nights why we take our students’ commitment seriously:

  • Each student here has taken the spot of someone else whom we could not accommodate. We receive nearly three applications for every one student we can accept;
  • Our instructional program is sequential and designed to prepare students for college, career, and citizenship over a four-year period of time—not one, two, or three years;
  • A reduction in student enrollment impacts our ability to deliver on the promise we have made to provide a college-prep, four-year course of study for all students. We cannot keep talented and highly qualified staff; we cannot offer unique field trips and extended learning experiences; we cannot provide lab equipment, supplies, etc. if we do not retain students. Think of your favorite class or teacher at RAHS and imagine what a disservice it would be to other students if we could no longer employ that teacher or offer the class that s/he teaches.

We require an exit interview with the student and parents of any student who is contemplating leaving the RAHS community. Please note that we do not honor Requests for Student Records from other schools if we have not been made aware of students who are considering leaving our community.

School Schedule and Calendar

Friday afternoons are designated by the district as time for staff to collaborate on school and district-level initiatives. On these days, students will be dismissed at 2:00 p.m. 

View a typical weekly schedule

Attendance Policy

Attendance Line: 206-631-7217

Daily Absences

District attendance policy allows absences to be excused by any of the following methods completed within 24 hours of the absence:

  1. Parent phone call
  2. Parent Email
  3. Parent hand written note

Please note that parent contact is required even when a student turns 18.

Whether you call, email or send a note please include the following information:

  1. Student Name
  2. Parent Name
  3. Date of the absence
  4. Reason for the absence

Late Arrival

Students MUST check in at the office (even if it is passing period).

A parent or doctor note or a PARENT phone call must be received to excuse any late arrival.

Early Release

Send a note with your student indicating the time of release. Have your student deliver the note to the attendance office at the start of school. A pass to get out of class at the indicated time will be given to the student and the student must sign out in the office.

Pre-Arranged Absence Forms

Forms may be picked up in the office or printed from the RAHS website and are signed by teachers, parents, students and submitted to the office for administrative signature.

Required 2 weeks in advance for the following:

  • Family weddings
  • Sibling graduations
  • Religious holidays
  • College visits
  • As soon as date is determined for All day medical/dental appointments
  • As soon as date is determined for regional or state competitions
  • As soon as date is determined for court judicial proceedings
  • As soon as date is determined for memorial/funeral services
  • According to state policy, family vacations including days added before and after holidays will be recorded as unexcused.

Teachers are not required to allow make-up work for unexcused absences.

If you or your parents do not contact the school prior to your absence, your absence will be recorded as unexcused. If a note, phone call, or email excusing the absence is not received within 24 hours of your return to school, your absence remains recorded as unexcused. Excusing absences is important for several reasons:

  1. Instructors are not obligated to allow make-up work for unexcused absences.
  2. Raisbeck Aviation High School complies with all district procedures regarding attendance, Compulsory School Attendance laws, and the legal requirements of the “BECCA Bill” (including notification of parents/guardians of all unexcused absences). Absences of any kind will affect your learning; too many unexcused absences may even get you in trouble with the law.

For excused absences, typically you will have “the number of days absent plus one” to make up missed work. So, if you were absent for two days, you would usually have three days to submit missed assignments.

If you know you are going to be absent, pre-arrange your absence with your instructors. See Appendix E for the Pre-Arranged Absence Form. Pre-arranged absence forms are also available in the main office. Get the form signed by each of your instructors as far in advance as possible (but no later than two weeks in advance). Since you are responsible for all assignments during your absence, be sure to conference with each instructor prior to a planned absence to be clear about how missed instruction and assignments can be made up.

If you are going to leave campus during the school day or earlier than the regular dismissal time, please follow the procedures for pre-arranging an absence unless you will be absent less than one 50-minute class period. In that case, a written note or telephone call from the parent will suffice.

Note to families:

Some of our families have the opportunity to provide their children with unique experiences in interesting places. To the extent possible, plan these events for your child during one of multiple school breaks as project-based learning requires teamwork, and teamwork requires your child’s attendance. RAHS complies with state law regarding absences for family vacations that occur during the school year. Absences from family vacations are marked unexcused.

Note to seniors:

Seniors who choose to participate in “skip day” will be required to attend school at the end of the year on a day when their school-going peers are excused. Students who fail to attend the mandatory make-up day will not be allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony. If there is any day in the year that has a high frequency of senior absences, the only excused absences will be those for which a doctor note is provided. Calls to excuse for illness or appointments will not be accepted under these circumstances.

Tardy Policy

In addition to attending all of your classes on a regular basis, you must ensure that you arrive to class on time. Instruction begins when class begins. Students with three unexcused tardies per semester—for each class period are subject to a consequence from the teacher. Students who 16 accrue five unexcused tardies per semester—per class period, will be subject to progressive discipline.

It is the student's responsibility for obtaining a note excusing his/her tardiness from a parent or an RAHS staff member prior to going to class.


Students from around the region attend Raisbeck Aviation High School. Students who reside within Highline School District boundaries are entitled to transportation provided by the district.

  • Students who reside out of district may:
  • Get to a bus stop within district boundaries and be transported the remainder of the way via HSD buses
  • Drive (carpooling is encouraged; check the RAHS PTSA website,
  • Take King County Metro or Sound Transit
  • Bike or find alternate methods to get to school.

Students who have issues with transportation should speak with office staff or an administrator.

Student Parking

Students who choose to drive and park cars at school are bound by the following rules:

1. All motor vehicles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school. Students parking in the student lot must purchase and display a current parking permit. For the 2018- 2019 school year, the parking fee is $30.00.

2. Students may not park in areas designated for staff, visitors, handicapped parking, fire lanes, and bus lanes.

3. The speed limit on campus is 5 miles per hour. Students shall not engage in any sort of reckless driving on school grounds.

4. Juniors and seniors in good standing may go off-campus for lunch with a signed parent approval form and a history of punctual returns. Students who are repeatedly late to their afternoon classes will lose this privilege.

5. Students shall play music at a reasonable level.

6. All student drivers must be licensed and covered by automobile insurance. The Highline School District and Raisbeck Aviation High School are not responsible for damage to private vehicles or loss of personal contents. Students park at their own risk.

7. Students applying for and receiving parking permits must understand their responsibility in upholding these policies.

8. Students are responsible for notifying the school if they change cars during the school year and for having the vehicle properly registered.

Suspensions of driving privileges, towing of vehicles (at owner’s expense), and/or suspension from school may occur when these regulations are violated one or more times.

Professional Culture

Dress Standards

View and sign Dress Contract

Dress Standard 2019-2020


RAHS is a place where students should know they are doing something very important their clothing is theiruniform

for learning and looking to the future. It is the goal of this policy to foster a culture at RAHS where learning is the top

priority, where everyone holds high expectations for themselves and others, and where students aspire to succeed in college, career, and beyond. In support of these goals, student dress and appearance should contribute to a safe, positive, and respectful school culture every day.


Dress Standard Overview

·     Collared shirt (polo or button down)

o No visible graphic or screen printing, including text or brand logos

o Button down shirts must be buttoned

·     Blouse, dress, skirt, or jumpsuit

·     Sweaters are permitted over a blouse, dress, or collared shirt

·     Slacks or jeans in solid colors

·     No athletic, track, or sweat wear

·     Leggings are permitted only if under a dress or skirt

·     No hats, hoods, bandanas or other headwear inside the building, except as required by religious practice


Clarifying Details

·     Items that are neither explicitly permitted nor prohibited by this dress standard are not acceptable.    Permissible dress is limited to the items specified above.

·    This policy does not restrict backpacks, school bags, outerwear, or accessories, but students must always    be in appropriate dress beneath outerwear

·     RAHS students with clothing-related religious practices may       modify the dress standard as needed

·    This dress standard is gender-neutral. Students may wear whatever part of the school dress standard they feel

comfortable wearing

· Clothing must be appropriate for safe, active work in the classroom, science labs, Makerspace, at the Museum of Flight, and other venues as needed

Clothing must be in good repair: clean, with no holes, rips, tears, cutoffs or fraying

The faculty and administration believe that the RAHS dress standard and expectation should not be used as a punishment or reward for behavior or academic issues of any kind

Exceptions: RAHS staff and teachers may specify additional dress requirements, prohibitions, or permissions as necessary for safety or special events such as VIP visits, presentations, spirit weeks, etc. Students are expected to comply with all staff and teacher requests and directions concerning dress standard. Exceptions may be made for special occasions such as spirit weeks or other school-sanctioned events.


Compliance and Discipline

This dress standard presumes that all RAHS students honor and uphold our shared commitment to a professional, ambitious learning community. Compliance and discipline concerning student dress is a distraction from our true purpose, and should not be an issue at a school of choice such as ours. Should such issues arise, they will be addressed as follows:


·    First and all further incidents: Warning; change into school-provided clothes or arrange for clothes to be brought to school; letter of apology to referring staff

·    Second incident: Lunch detention; parent contact; written reflection

·    Further incidents at administrative discretion: Parent conference, additional detentions, in-school suspension; restorative measures, other consequences as appropriate



As a staff, we are committed to positive involvement with our students and will do all that is possible to anticipate your needs and deal with situations in a fair, open, and honest manner. When or if disciplinary action is warranted, it will follow a progressive process.

1st discipline offense

  • Formal Warning
  • Offense added to student’s incident report file

2nd discipline offense

  • Parent is contacted
  • Lunch detention(s).
  • Student’s Incident Report file is updated with offense.

3rd discipline offense

  • Parent is contacted.
  • Student’s Incident Report file is updated with offense.
  • In-school suspension/out of school suspenision (Administration’s discretion)

The staff has the right to remove any student from class if that student’s behavior interferes with the educational process. Acts of misconduct judged to be a breach of student conduct will be handled in accordance with school district policy, state law and RAHS procedures. Please see the Highline Public School District’s “Responsibilities and Rights for Students, Parents, and School Personnel.” This booklet will be distributed to all students and is also available on the Highline Public Schools’ website. Students will review this booklet in their advisory and sign a statement confirming that they have reviewed the booklet and understand its contents.