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Raisbeck Aviation High School
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Annual Pathfinder Awards Gala

The Pathfinders Awards honor individuals or teams from the Pacific Northwest for significant contributions to aerospace development.


Student Information

We are delighted you are interested in attending the Annual Pathfinder Gala at the Museum of Flight. This packet of information will provide you with essential information related to this very prestigious, notable event.

Pathfinder application

What is the Pathfinder Award?

The Museum of Flight’s Annual Pathfinder Awards honors individuals with ties to the Pacific Northwest who have made significant contributions to the development of the aerospace industry. Categories include Flying, Education, Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing and At-Large. Pathfinder Award recipients are selected by The Museum of Flight, the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and representatives of other aviation and aerospace organizations and companies throughout the Northwest. Previous recipients include: Jeff Bezos, Michael P. Anderson, William E. Boeing, Jr., Bonnie J. Dunbar, Clay Lacy, James D. Raisbeck, and Aviation High School Founding Principal and CEO Reba Gilman.

History of Raisbeck Aviation High School Attendance at Pathfinder

Since opening our school in the fall of 2004, our students and staff have attended this annual fall gala as guests of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Peter Anderson and Galvin Flying Service, and several other collegiate and private donors who believe in the mission and vision of our aviation-themed school. If you were purchasing a ticket to this event, it would cost $200. Consider that about 50 students plus chaperones will be sponsored, and if you do the math, that’s a collective gift from sponsors of $10,000!

How will attending Pathfinder benefit you?

This event provides an opportunity for you to meet successful leaders in aviation and aerospace who may someday offer you an internship or a job, serve as a mentor, or be someone you can call upon when conducting research for a class assignment or project. At this event, you will meet several people and interact with them. We call this “networking”, and it is a skill that our graduates tell us that they learned well at RAHS; and most importantly, they count it as one of the most important skills in preparing them for life after high school. Most effective leaders are also highly effective networkers!

Pathfinder recipients are people who have aspired to make a difference. They are people who
dreamed big and set goals for their life’s work. They are individuals who will inspire you to stick to your own goals and dreams and realize that you, too, can be a Pathfinder.

In the last 100 years, our dreams of flight have taken us beyond the horizon and into space. And the dreams for tomorrow continue. The Museum of Flight Pathfinder Awards honor pioneering achievements in flying, engineering, education, operations, manufacturing, and an at-large category.